Leaders always look toward the future.

Uttam Mitra, the Director of SquareTrix had laid the foundation in 2011 with the support of professional designer and developer who have worked as an excellent team in past. Initially service was limited to website designing and development but with huge appreciation by our happy clients, We gradually made footprints in other digital services like Responsive design, Mobile application development, Ecommerce solution, Online Virus protection, online marketing, print material design and many more. Square Trix has been dedicated to bringing together the most creative minds in the industry to deliver results-driven work for our clients.
Having two office location one in India and other in US, we have been serving national and overseas clients since 5 years with higher satisfactory results. We are proud to have been recognized by a variety of key industry organizations for our achievements. Our skill and work have earned global recognition in digital community.

  • 2010

    Uttam Mitra created the SQUARE TRIX Technology and created the concept of ‘reinforcement development ’ to the world.

  • EARLY 2012

    SQUARE TRIX went on to create a series of proven development programs for small- and mid-sized companies as well as Fortune 500 corporations.

  • 2013

    SQUARE TRIX expanded the concept into a Franchising operation known as the SQUARE TRIX 360 Counter Campaign.

  • 2014

    The company’s name was changed to SQUARE TRIX PVT to more accurately reflect the diversity of our development works, which have expanded beyond all services to include management, leadership, negotiating skills, customer service, executive coaching and mentoring.

  • Today

    SQUARE TRIX is an organization with a rich history that dominates the Web design market. We have more than 500 clients worldwide, providing instruction in 27 languages.