Joomla is another Content Management System enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications for your brand and build online business through results-driven digital solutions. Square Trix provides you complete Joomla web development solution for your brand.

  • You get lots of option for selection of themes that comes with various functionality opening up possibilities in designing and customizing a website as you want.
  • It has ability to fit for any industry including from online publication to an ECommerce website to cater different audience types.
  • With vast resource of additional extension, you can add on necessary tools to adjust your website or mobile app to fit the needs of your business, and customize your platform for digital success.

What are the Benefits of Joomla Development?


The entire Joomla functionality is little complex than other CMS but this complexity is also its strength. You can create an intricate online platforms which are really comfortable to handle at the backend and at the same time easy to navigate for your audience. Any industry you are from or an professional individual looking for an easy manageable website be it a personal blog, a corporate website or a ECommerce their features are vast, but not intimidating. We at Square Trix help you to build a platform with great usability for both yourself and your customer will certainly be satisfactory. We guide you through the entire system after job completion, so you can take care of your website on your own when it’s needed.


Having complete control on your website content is a very important part for any CMS but some unique features of Joomla set it apart from other Content Management System is it gives your more option like scheduling your content posing and allowing you to plan ahead is very effective when you are not around. You will also find protection of your content is on top level. You will be able to show certain pages to chosen members of your audience separating basic content from premium options is really unique and advanced feature. Joomla also support 66 language covering vast majority of users.

Extension Capabilities

Extensions enhance functionality of your website and Joomla has all kind of addon that can help building your website with more navigation segments for you and your visitor’s. Extensions are available for any business type like professional blog, Service website, Ecommerce, Forums or just for advertisement to engage more visitors with your website. Square Trix helps you to identify what extension is required for your website and integrate for you.


Joomla assures you consistent performance for your visitors weathers it’s from desktop or mobile user, It keep adjust itself to give responsive view without compromising design for your brand. You don’t have to worry about number of pages your create, the website performance remains stable. This consistency is ideal for you as a brand, and preferable for the experience of your users. Square Trix developers work together to build an interactive platform for your business that can engage customers and increase conversion.

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