Infusionsoft is an easy to use tool, it is user friendly. The risk involved in it is least and one is not bounded by any deal.

  • Target your customers and manage your contacts
  • Capture the leads online.
  • Divide your customers into potential lists
  • Sell products online
  • Track deals and make running profit

What Is Infusionsoft?

Business owners often have to deal with lots of contacts at different stage while working and repetition of same task make your job difficult. Chances are high, you might miss opportunities that pass by you even after spending too much time.

When you sense sales, you always want to enhance your productivity and profit margin by reducing the time spent on repetitious task. Infusionsoft is the solution which has emerged as one of the most powerful automated marketing solution for small businesses.

Infusionsoft has robust contact management system offers task, calendar and workflow automation. Contacts can be segmented in any way you need or desire. It features email, autoresponders, lead capture and an easy to use drag and drop emails and web form builder including one-click campaign builder that will knock your socks off. The pre built E-Commerce system delivers order forms, shopping cart, upsells, cross-sells and affiliate program management to your website.

Today most of the online business uses CMS system to quicky update their website. WordPress is the most usable platform compared to any other Content Management System. Infusionsoft Integration with WordPress can make your job easy. SquareTrix suggest strongly recommends small business to use Infusionsoft to improve their profitability and performance.

Why Infusionsoft ?

Infusionsoft is an easy to use tool, it is user friendly. The risk involved in it is least and one is not bounded by any deal.

  • You can check how your business grows with a free trail of 30 days.
  • It increases productivity and brings in more business.
  • Helps in managing contacts, one can compartmentalize the mailing lists, sell products online, track deals and automate job repeatedly.
  • It also helps you to decide a time which is perfect to generate sales.
  • Least risk is involved
  • Automate the workflow

SquareTrix Solution For WordPress Infusionsoft Integration

We at SquareTrix offer a fully functional solution for WordPress Infusionsoft Integration. We develop Infusionsoft API for WordPress that can pull out the membership data into the Infusionsoft application which includes membership levels, subscriber data, payment status, etc. Our Infusionsoft WordPress integration solution has benefited many overseas clients running a small business. SquareTrix develops a powerful CMS feature that helps you with the following tasks:

  • Automating follow-ups and workflow
  • Targeting emails and managing contacts
  • Capturing online leads
  • Segmenting list of customers
  • Selling products and service online
  • Tracking deals

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