Maintain your reputation online for brand or individual

  • Create alerts to track all every updates about your brand on internet.
  • Take quick action against negative comments, reviews or feedback to remove or conceal whichever possible.
  • Increase online visibility by creating positive buzz about your brand.

Online PR VS. Internet Marketing

The Public Relation is infamously poor at clients about public relations and its value to business. But it has great advantage reaching out to every people on internet. The Internet marketing is a growing world where online marketing agent treat PR as a tool under their larger umbrella. That’s the message most potential online PR clients get.

There is very thin line difference between Internet marketing and Online PR which can be understood this way. Messages that are intentionally designed to drive sale or increase revenue are part of direct online marketing strategy whereas Online PR is specifically and closely related to promotion only. Here messages are designed to promote any specific cause or core value of company to the news message.

The Tactics and Tools – Online marketing agents completely understand this difference and aware of every tools and strategy to create action plan. As both discipline is very much similar, most of the time same tools are recommended but they use those tools in different ways.

The Targets –
For Online marketing, we have “targeted market” where we can sell something directly to our customers or reach out to potential readers if we are only monetizing through website but in online PR, our target audience instead whom we call key “public” or “stakeholders”. It can be any group that has influence over the company. The target market is just one target audience.

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