Reach out to targeted users by PinPoint Display Advertising instead of traditional display Campaign

  • Target based on their search history on the web.
  • Target users by location, age, employment, annual income and more.
  • Ad serving as per users right timing and frequency.

Why PinPoint Instead Of Traditional Display Advertising?

Display Advertising is simply a form online advertising where you relies on elements such as banner ads, rich media, text-based ads, audio and video ads. This method has very limited control on user’s interest or location but PinPoint is a is a new form of display advertising. It allows you to target filtered and most accurate customer based on their searching behaviour on internet. Not only that but you can target them according to their location, age group, income and time zone.

We create campaign through proper keyword and demographic research for targeted audience.Optimized banners for advertisement and landing pages are designed to drive potential traffic and convert them.Advertisement through only for your intended market throughout the web.Performance analysis of the running campaign and adjust changes if required

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