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Depending on your business requirement, we outline layout that focus on providing the user with clear messaging and strong calls-to-action to push them to take action. At the same time gives you complete flexibility to handle database more efficiently. Check out our sample work.

Features that an E-commerce Website Should have

Suggested Pages

For an Ecommerce website, it is always important to build an advanced search box that can suggest most accurate results to your customers that can lead to engagement rate. With accurate result page having clear navigation you can increase sell more by letting them flow to more pages and categories.

Related Products

An Ecommerce website must have related section where you can showcase products that are closely related to a specific product which your customers landed to buy. Placing related products at the bottom is highly recommended but it all depends on layout of your website as well. These related products can be determined based on similarity, highly rated, reviewed or most purchased items. You can simply increase your sale by allowing you users to browse more products with an engaging design for related products at the bottom line.

Product Filtering

The search result page (suggested page) should not only display product category page or landing pages but it should also give ability to your customer to customize their E-Commerce experience on your website. By checking out few options like size, color, brand, prices, popularity and many other details depending on your website, you customer can filter out best result they are seeking for. As customer enjoy less hassle and interactive design when they land to an Ecommerce website, an appropriate filtering option can gain their interest quite easily.

Product Details

To have accurate product information should be always on high priority for your Ecommerce business. You every product should have extensive details about each of your products in a clean, concise, manner. We design product landing page that consist all details about a product and also give flexibility to quickly filter and compare with other products. Clear indication of stock availability should always there and must have option to backorder product that are currently out of stock.

Dynamic Shopping Cart

Your website must show Cart on most prominent area like on the header section. The Dynamic Shopping Cart should show items added by users and can be easily populate for further adding more product or quick check out. More options like save for later option should be there so they can come back later to purchase. It should not push your visitors to make purchase. The more flexibility and freedom you offer, chances of more loyal customers are high.

Shipping Options

You should have clear shipping information and guidelines for your Ecommerce business. It must have different shipping option like Flat rate or shipping charges based on location. You should also put accurate service area for product shipping. The page must be developed in such a way that it can automatically calculate shipping charges by only putting Pin code or single detail by your customer.

Payment Confirmation

Final segment – Payment option must have everything neat and clean, so your customer can see clearly what and how much they are payment for the item. It should also have option to apply promotional code to get discount if any. After doing payment, they must get intimidated with email and if possible message on phone about the confirmation and delivery information. Provide your customers with tracking information once their order has shipped as well, so that they can feel at ease through the final step of the transaction.

Our Ecommerce Website Design Approach

User-Friendly Elements

We always suggest to keep website interface user friendly and clutter-free as possible. With proper call to action and allowing them to choose what they are looking for easily is what we are best at. Our E-Commerce design let your customer stumble through clear navigation into different pages quite easily. Also make sure to add elements such as a consistently visible shopping cart through a user’s time. We do not suggest to add extremely minute details everywhere that can distract users.

Build Brand Recognition

Providing clear and information about a product is the most important part for your customer but at the same time branding using different tactics is another vital part and we make sure your website should reflect your brand image and message wherever it’s required. Besides if you are seller of different product of multiple brands, it is also important to showcase product brand quite prominently to avoid confusion. We make sure you have simple yet advanced website.

Strong Calls-to-Action

To grab attention and specific key action on top selling or products with high margin value, you always need showcase with something special to them. Strong and action driven call-to-action is required on most noticeable area of your website. Aside to promo and discount offer, some default call-to-action are “Add to Cart”, “Checkout”, or most importantly, “Submit Payment” should be clearly visible on your website. Being experienced in this field, we never over optimize call-to-action but position it on every page in such a way that it is used but doesn’t detract from the main goal of a page.

Database Control

Aside to visitor’s perspective, we always take care how your backend works. Database structure is also one segment that should be designed to handle large volume of data. Products and associated details can be modified easily through category and, individual pages. We makes sure you get flexibility to add meta details for each category and pages without looking into core website coding.

On-site Development Flexibility

Adding products or pages in your website should not be a problem if you want to do it yourself. Adding few line of codes like Meta Tags, Analytics tags, third party verification codes etc should be done easily without intervening hardcore developer. Changing title, description and product information from backend will not be problem with our E-commerce development.

Website Management

We also give you flexibility to control rating and review section. You can view and manage comments of your customers against each product or brand. The front panel should be customizable and offer summary information about stock items, information requests, sales figures, and ecommerce performance metrics. We make sure you can track every details efficiently.

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