10 Nov 2016

Create, Manage & Share Your Content Faster With High Speed WordPress Editor

WordPress is the most preferred choice for most of the people trying to establish their online presence. Its fast, efficient, easy to handle, quickly customizable and many more features that a anybody looks for without spending much time on their website and WordPress have been really doing great job making their platform more user friendly.

According to recent update by WordPress have unveiled new interim editors which is faster, cleaner, and more streamlined way to create posts and pages, and share, promote, and manage content across all your WordPress sites.

Any profession, be it writer, photographer, professional blogger or travel enthusiast, WordPress’s publishing tools allow you to create or edit your content from anywhere quite efficiently, all you need to have is internet connection 🙂

Here are some unique features of WordPress

  1. It is fast, user friendly and responsive. It allows you to create content on desktop and mobile devices easily.
  2. Easily customizable and manageable your pages and posts.
  3. Quickly access your drafted posts with a simple click so that you can iterate and revise quickly when inspiration strikes.
  4. Content save time while writing is more faster so that you don’t lose even a single line you have written and able to focus on your writing.
  5. Documents files, Pictures, music and video files can be post or embed quickly.
  6. Tags, categories, and sharing tools are at your fingertips allowing you to share your content instantly on social platforms.
  7. Scheduling is a breeze with the revamped post calendar.
  8. It’s available for self-hosted WordPress.org sites, too! Just install the Jetpack plugin and activate Manage.

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